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The humble fundraising letter has been reinvented and is now at the cutting edge of campaign craft and political marketing.
Nicholas Reece

The difficulties of pricing policies. 
Michael MacWilliam



Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Penny Wong reveal a budget deficit of more than $30 billion. 
Cathy Harper

Labor and the Coalition should commit to lowering the company tax rate. 
Michael MacWilliam

The current sugar-high of political engagement provides a golden opportunity for the republican debate.
Jacob Rodrigo

What can be done about the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged school students?

Catherine Murphy

Kevin Rudd "terminates" the carbon tax. 
Wes Mountain



What makes a successful first week for a political party in a modern election campaign? [video]
Nicholas Reece

How much will the 'PNG Solution' cost? Do people smugglers really have a "business model". Are many asylum seekers "economic refugees"?
Alice He

A review of the media coverage of election 2013 and Labor's long road of redemption [audio].
Nicholas Reece and Margaret Simons

Analysing the 2013 election through the lens of the past.

EXCLUSIVE: Election Watch has been granted rare access to former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser's entire 1977 campaign diary, including handwritten notes.
Associate Professor Sally Young

Why is Australia's company tax base being eroded?
Professor Miranda Stewart

Tony Abbott says he would break the Coalition's pledge on greenhouse reduction targets if it cost more than expected.
Wes Mountain

The Wikileaks Party and The Pirate Party: Where to from here? Maya Borom