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Following the election of the Coalition to government, all but one of the seven members of NBN Co have handed in their resignations.  Emma Dawson

News Ltd is widely perceived as being anti-Labor. How will it respond to the Coalition in government? Dr Denis Muller

The Wikileaks Party and The Pirate Party: Where to from here? Maya Borom

Is this campaign video with bite, or has it jumped the shark? Take the poll.
Election Watch team

Do the major parties have a vision for dealing with the ageing population? Professor Simon Biggs

Disability care is an area of broad agreement between the major parties. Maria Rae

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Foreign aid is often vulnerable to being cut to find budget savings in other areas.
Dr Bina Fernandez

If a policy document is not clasped to your chest on national TV, is it really a policy?

Ryan Sheales

Climate change can be an emotional topic. In 2007, Kevid Rudd called it the 'great moral challenge of our generation'. Where do the three major parties stand this year?
Lisa Caripis

Indigenous disadvantage has been an intractable problem. How do the major parties intend to tackle it? 
Maria Rae

Education is always a key issue for voters. Click through for analysis on where the ALP and Coalition stand.
Professor Field Rickards

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