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The mainstream media needs to change the way it reports politics.
Margaret Simons

The ALP and Coalition's different language about climate change reveals how they might handle international climate talks.
Robyn Eckersley

What do the latest VoteCompass results tell us about leaders' debates, 'trust' and what's happening in QLD. [audio]
Nicholas Reece & Mark Triffitt

The polls consistently show the Coalition with a commanding lead .. but what about the 'headline worm'? 
Dr Denis Muller

Voters frequently lament the government-of-the-day's perceived lack of action and vaguely demand it "does something".
Ryan Sheales

Labor has unveiled a positive TV ad to reframe the political debate and counter Coalition attacks. 
Ryan Sheales

Joe Hockey and Kevn Rudd play chicken with the pre-election fiscal outlook.
Wes Mountain

Watch all the major interest groups' TV campaign ads in one place.

The economic case for dropping our obsession with budget surpluses.
Professor Guay Lim

Quickly identify the key themes from Wayne Swan, Tony Abbott and Christine Milne's 2013 budget speeches.
Ryan Sheales

The Liberals claim power prices have gone up 94% under Labor. Is that true? 
Dylan McConnell

Preferential and compulsory voting are uniquely Australian traditions.
Angus Ferguson

Elections are won or lost in marginal seats. This analysis examines the electorates that will decide who reigns supreme on September 7th.
Dr Scott Brenton. 

Your quick guide to the uncertain composition of the Senate. Cathy Harper

Our resident cartoonist explains how Kevin Rudd went about fixing his cabinet
Wes Mountain