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Advocacy groups are now operating from the political parties' campaign playbook.
Nicholas Reece

Australia must temper its impulse to be paternalistic towards PNG
Jonathan Schultz

University of Melbourne students on that thing called the economy, September 7 and exactly how many pollies are Slytherins…
The Farrago Team

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell lashes out at the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd over his proposal to move Navy ships from Sydney's Garden Island. 
Wes Mountain

Tony Abbot's "umm"s and "ahhh"s are so well-known they've been turned into a dubstep song. But how did his victory speech go? Jacob Rodrigo

Universities may receive a stay of execution from funding cuts.
Gwil Croucher

The Government plans to resettle boat people in PNG
Wes Mountain

Will Tony Abbott's decision to preference Labor ahead of the Greens have any significant effect?
Nicholas Reece  

High education hasn't been a central issue in mainstream media. But voters do care. 
Gwilym Croucher and Sam Rosevear

The Coalition might find dealing with the new Senate is like herding cats. Dr Damon Alexander

History would suggest today's political journalists might actually be sexist, without intending to or even being aware of the fact.
Sally Young.

School funding is important, but money alone won't fix the problems confronting our education system.
Field Rickards

Watch the major parties' TV campaign ads all in one place.

Voters got some insights from last night's people's forum. 
James Gray

A perspective on the disengagement of young people in Australia and the US. Sandra Silea