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Did sexism impact on the fate of Julia Gillard?
Lauren Rosewarne

The Opposition's climate spokesman, Greg Hunt, has delivered a major pre-election policy address. Watch the video or read our Storify report.

Is the Coalition's Direct Action Plan properly costed? 
Katherine Lake

Tony Abbott says "trust me" in relation to costings. Wes Mountain

Your quick guide to Tony Abbott's first ministry.
Election Watch team

Voters are in for a wild ride with the facts as politicians and their advisors ramp up their rhetoric and spin ahead of the federal election.
Neville Norman

Some Senate ballot papers are going to be so large this year electoral officials have ordered magnifying glasses to help voters. Really.
Wes Mountain.

How exactly are young people consuming political news? 
Aaron Martin

So you think you're a politics tragic. But do this quiz: you'll be surprised.  Associate Professor Sally Young

Your quick and easy election night guide to help you make sense of each seat.
Maria Rae

Will young voters "like" Kevin Rudd as much the second time around?

Aaron Martin

Swinging voters are a particularly volatile part of the electorate. 
Sally Young

Is Rupert Murdoch opposing Labor's re-election because of the NBN? 
Emma Dawson

Here's some advice to an incoming Government: address teacher variability and forget about autonomy.
John Hattie and Maxine McKew

The Abbott government considers implementing its policies. Wes Mountain